FWEO facilitates and organizes events,

workshops and festivals,

creating a supporting community

for a Waldorf School in Ottawa.

We create a welcoming space where both children and adults can thrive, learn and grow a community around a Waldorf School in Ottawa.

We host lectures, workshops, organize festivals

and create a hub where organizations and people

can meet and exchange.



Friends of Waldorf Education in Ottawa started meeting in the spring of 2014. We were a large group of parents, teachers, grandparents and friends of Waldorf education

that wanted a school in Ottawa.

Taking into account the history of Waldorf Schools in Ottawa, and seeing the current circumstances of Waldorf Schools in Canada, we decided that we would take the time to research and consult with different experts

to found a school that was sustainable, in both

financial and human resource realms.

This has proven to be a large task.

Starting 2015, in our now smaller working group, we have conducted a series of interviews with founders of various Waldorf Schools. We learned about different approaches to founding a school, and stages of growth schools

can go through.

We have looked at different legal structures a school can take, and the various implications and possible effects of those structures. For teachers, we have been looking at

legal structures that support the freedom of the teacher

in the classroom and provide a structure

for self-governance and hiring.

With professional assistance, we have made a preliminary business plan, consulted knowledgeable people and studied on the subject of financing a school, and affordable tuition,

in different models.

We have consistantly been looking at the original impulse behind Waldorf Education, at educational approaches, and at what our school could bring as a fresh community impulse, both as a school and as a community hub.

To open our understanding of Waldorf education and running a school, and for the health of our group, we study and do artistic work together.

If you are interested in participating, consulting, lending a hand and joining our community or have questions, please contact us!

At this point we are looking for help in finding a start up location close to the centre of the city to open in the fall of 2018.

‘Our task is to educate the human being in such a way

that he or she can bring to expression in the right way

that which is living in the whole human being,

and on the other hand

that which puts him or her into the world in the right way.’

Rudolf Steiner