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“The original idea of any sacred festival is to make the human being look upward from his dependence on earthly things to those things that transcend the Earth.”

Rudolf Steiner



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Friday, January 26, 2018

The Neuroscientific Basis of the Waldorf Reading Approach Grades 1 to 3

a talk and conversation with James Brian

James has been involved in Waldorf education for over 40 years as a teacher, mentor, and coach. He is presently executive director of the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto.

Waldorf Doll Making Workshop

Talks on education, child development, and more!


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Friends of Waldorf Education in Ottawa would like to invite you to come and celebrate the Advent Spiral Festival with a hot cider and a bonfire.

It will be a beautiful celebration for families with children of all ages and a great opportunity for us all to meet (again) before the holidays, and to build and strengthen connections within our community of families interested in Waldorf education.


Thursdays at 7PM




7:30 PM

Some Educational Essentials for

Nurturing a Democracy

A talk with Les Black

Is our educational system preparing the next generation for responsible participation in democratic life?

What are the responsibilities of parents and schools in this regard?

Are we striking the right balance between the free- dom of the individual and the well-being of others in society?

Southminster United Church

15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

RSVP to waldorfinottawa@gmail.com or via our Facebook page.

By donation.

Les Black has taught in Ontario private and public schools and for 25 years at the Toronto Waldorf School. Mr. Black studied Education at the University of Lancaster, England and graduated from the 2nd North American class in Spacial Dynamics. He recently visited Waldorf schools across Canada and is currently doing teacher mentoring and evaluation.