A Waldorf School in Ottawa

We awaken knowledge and creative ability through a rich and multifaceted educational experience. Acting with freedom, our teachers evoke reverence for the world and humanity, and guide our students toward a life lived with purpose as responsive citizens of the world.



The heart of our community beats with a desire to seek a healthy approach to education for our times. We are committed to Rudolf Steiner's vision of a community where we are equals, free in our realms of activity and truly supporting each other in our striving for social and cultural renewal in the world.

Our school is filled with life, beauty, and openness, allowing each student to reach his or her highest potential as a human being with confidence and integrity.

Together, we strive to resolve financial barriers for families, teachers, and staff. Consciously acknowledging every relationship, we create a community of mutually supportive members, all bringing their own needs and gifts in support of the whole organization.

We foster a community of joyful learning and exploration that gives our students the courage to step into the unknown. To nourish a vibrant inner life, we cultivate artistic expression and the celebration of cultural festivals.

Honouring that all is connected, we awaken a sense of service toward humanity and the world, starting in our neighbourhood.

With respect for and reverence of the natural world, the children experience the gifts of each season and the weather every day.

Our great task is to develop free human beings

that are able to give meaning and direction to their life. Imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility - those three forces are the very nerve of education.

- Rudolf Steiner